There ought to be a law or…
do we really need a law?

Bills introduced in the first months of the 2017 legislature are
a worrisome sign of the vast reach and complexity of state law

Do we really need a law to encourage school districts to have plans to deliver instruction during a snow storm?
…a law to remove the $800-cap on the purchase of trophies by cities, towns and school districts?
..a law to provide licenses to teach breastfeeding?
a law to state that a portrait of each former Minnesota governor must be displayed in the State Capitol at all times?
…a law to require a decal on school buses with a telephone number for submitting comments about the school bus driver’s driving?
…a law to require the commissioner of the Pollution Control Agency to establish a program to allow commercial applicators of salt to obtain certification as a water-friendly applicator?
…a law to allow a resort that is a licensed minnow retailer to transport minnows without a minnow retailer’s vehicle license?

Since statehood in 1849, the Minnesota legislature has passed 46,766 laws. In 2014 the legislature and the governor repealed 1,175 state laws that were outdated, unnecessary or, in a few cases, absurd to our modern thinking.


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