Good ideas that should get more attention
from the legislature 

SF 2429:  Exempt Minnesota from daylight saving time.billmagnifyingglass

SF 3345:  Require a display on gas pumps to read, “The price for each gallon of gasoline includes the current state and federal gasoline taxes totaling 46.9 cents per gallon.”

HF 2631:  Require students to demonstrate their knowledge of civics as a condition of receiving a high school diploma.

SF 2704:  Restrict government’s ability to compel access to electronic communication devices. 

SF 3343  Limit annual payment due on the state’s outstanding debt to no more than 3.35 percent of the non-dedicated general fund revenue received by the state during the same fiscal year.

SF 2491:  To gauge how behavior changes with policy changes, require the Department of Revenue to provide dynamic scoring when assessing the financial impact of legislation.

AndHF 3621: Make it a misdemeanor to misrepresent the use of an animal as a service animal for the purposes of securing the rights or benefits accorded to persons with disabilities.



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