These are the times

The gas tax is dubbed a “user fee” by defenders but are automobile drivers and non-drivers alike “users” of our roads and bridges?

70% of  the goods that both drivers and non-drivers buy in our stores and assemble in our factories arrive by truck.

43% projected increase in truck freight will be due largely to delivery of online purchases by both drivers and non-drivers.

760,000 students ride buses to school every morning in Minnesota.

Metro Mobility, which provides transportation to those who are unable to drive or navigate our transit system, provides an average 7,500 rides a day

8,200 workers in Minneapolis alone commute by bicycle.

Fire, police and ambulance use our roads.

arrowred1In 2015 Minnesota drivers paid $2.7 billion to build and repair state, county and local roads: $1.9 billion from Minnesota gas tax and tab fees, $500 million from federal gas taxes and $318 million in highway bonds.




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